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 "The Best way to predict the future, is to create it".

There is only two careers option available to anyone, viz. to become (i).an employer by becoming an entrepreneur and creating jobs or (ii).an employee in someone else's firm (job through on-campus placement or off-campus interviews), created by an Entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship concept is the best example of creating your own future, of course, by taking a risk.

During the academic (College) days, it is advisable that the students may learn the tricks of both (entrepreneurship / Placement) so that alternatives are created leading to the selection of better choice to settle in a prosperous career.

Unfortunately, Compared to the Placement, Entrepreneurship concept is not made aware of to our students. CED trying to fill up the gaps.


Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED). Anna University is carrying out various programs for kindling the entrepreneurship inspirations of the Engg College students of tamilnadu State.

During 2013-16, separate Entrepreneurship Development Cells (EDCs) were formed in each of CEG, AC Tech and MIT. CED's new initiatives such as EDC Library, Entrepreneurship Forum for Girls, CAPITALIZE - the Entrepreneurship Club of Students and "Entrepreneurship through Organic Farming" are noteworthy.

CED is now spreading its wings to coordinate the EDCs in all the constituent and affiliated Engg colleges throughout Tamilnadu State. CED has already conducted 19 programmes including six one day workshops for the benefit of affiliated engg college faculty and students.

CED is in the process of establishing INCUBATORS in CEG, ACTech and MIT campuses and growing to a full fledged organization of nurturing entrepreneurs, serving to the Engg College students / alumni of Tamilnadu State.

Alumni Association of College of Engg. Guindy has established an INCUBATOR (CEGAIN) in in CPDE building, Ist Floor, CEG, Anna University main campus in Sep,2016, where startup companies are nurtured.