Seeing the scope of entrepreneurship through organic farming, CED has embarked upon a joint initiative with Centre for Water Resources (CWR) and Green Brigade Club of CEG in the campus. The objectives of this effort are (i) to practice organic farming by CEG students through a live model within the campus; (ii) to learn the entrepreneurship opportunities in every stage of organic farming; and (iii) to encourage innovation in any part of organic farming process. This is an unique model where the students with different engineering branches are participating that may lead to great innovations with their domain knowledge.

CWR had allocated one acre of land. 3 awareness lectures were conducted for 500 students. 175 students are participating in the organic farming. Agricultural and Organic farming experts from our State including Er.P.Ravichandran, Senior Engineer, Agricultural Engg Department (AED), GoTN, Er.S.Sundarapandiyan, Thiru.Sattai Aniya Swamyappan, etc are mentoring the students’ initiative. Actor/Director Thiru.Ragavendra Lawrence has supported the initiative by establishing the fence in the Field lab and sponsoring other equipment and irrigation installations

On the eve of Independence day, 15th August, 2015, the preliminary agricultural land preparations were completed and the venture was inaugurated by Dr.M.Rajaram, Vice Chancellor, AU through seeding of greens in the presence of Dr.S.Ganesan, Registrar, AU and Dr.P.Narayanasamy, Dean, CEG. This initiative is hoped to spread awareness about Organic farming in general and opportunities of becoming an Agri-preneur in particular, among all the college students of Tamilnadu State, which will take our State to higher levels.


Rain-fed farming is the natural application of water to the soil through direct rainfall. Relying on rainfall is less likely to result in contamination of food products but is open to water shortages when rainfall is reduced. On the other hand, artificial applications of water increase the risk of contamination.Photo of a water sprayer irrigating a fieldIrrigation is the artificial application of water to the soil through various systems of tubes, pumps, and sprays. Irrigation is usually used in areas where rainfall is irregular or dry times or drought is expected. There are many types of irrigation systems, in which water is supplied to the entire field uniformly. So here at Anna-University the ground level water is enough to grow plants for one hectare. You can see the video how the water is equally distributed to the field.