Product Based Startups


M.E Solar Energy, CEG

I have already started a company under electronics domain & currently I need support for machinery funding (Printed Circuit Board manufacturing machine & PCB assembling machine) and raw materials funding. As currently I am outsourcing the products if funding provided I can manufacture the boards myself according to client’s requirement.

I request for the support. 


Prithvirajan. D

M.E Industrial engineering (CEG)

Batch (2018-20)

MEGHAM-portable desalination unit

Problem statement: To ensure availability of drinking water anytime on board deep sea for fishermen

Solution: MEGHAM is a portable desalination unit working under principle of evaporation and condensation with reheat cycle to convert sea water to drinking water by either solar powered or generator.

USP: Efficient performance relative to RO, can be used to domestic purpose also.

Requirements: Capital seed funding.

Prithvirajan. D

M.E Industrial engineering (CEG)

Batch (2018-20)

CYHAN- handling equipment for LPG

Problem statement: Improper handling of LPG cylinder damages cylinders raising risk to users.

Solution: CYHAN is a conveyor type electric driven, material handling equipment helps in safe handling of cylinders assuring safety and increasing cylinder life.

USP: Highly prioritised need to LPG distributors.

Requirements: Capital seed funding.

K Karthikeyan

M.Tech ceramic Technology (4thsemester)

Batch: Jul 2017-Apr 2019

AC Tech Campus, Anna University

Ceramic Burners for Domestic Gas Stove

The problem addressed with the current burners used for the domestic gas stove is the high energy consumption. The higher energy consumption is due to the heat loss by the burner to the surroundings, this is because of the high thermal conductivity.

In the view of energy conservation and to improve the efficiency of heating ceramic burners can be used instead of the existing burners. Ceramic burners provide better heating efficiency and the energy consumption (LPG) is low compared to the commercially available burners. The newly developed ceramic burners can be replaced in the place of existing burners without changing the design and structure of the gas stove. The efficiency of the burners will be quite good and the energy consumption may be reduced up to 25%. The cost of the newly developed ceramic burners will be definitely 30-40% less than existing burners.

Facilities required: Seed funding, Work space, Mentoring for marketing.

Mohan Babu V, Balaji A, Jaminraja A, Amarnath K


ME/MTECH –Industrial Engineering (CEG)


Problem Statement: In worldwide state of affairs, solid waste has been emerged as a most critic and hazardous pollutants in the living arena. Plastic advanced as a major element which crucially affected the solid waste management.


  1. To provide a solution for increasing industrial and domestic plastic waste by eco-friendly machining method which is created by our research team.
  2. In near future creating a platform to convert all plastic wastes into useful products under a single levy roof.
  3. Collection of industrial and municipal solid waste from different zones in Chennai, shredding the collected waste plastic & treating the shredded plastics.
  4. We came with idea that all seven plastic can be recycled and we have fabricated recycling machine for that.
  5. We already produced a prototype plastic tiles and we are working on paver blocks.
  6. We can make any finished product with appropriate moulding cavity.

Requirements: Funding for Completing the Prototype Machine, Networking, Marketing support